October 13 to 20, 2017 |


Let's Bond event, the most coveted ball of the fall in Montreal, took place on October 13th.

The event presented by the RBC Royal Bank of Canada, Young Leaders Foundation and the Douglas Foundation is a group of young Montreal business people dedicated to raising awareness about mental health.

It is under the theme SPECTRE that we were invited to discover a captivating universe and live a colorful experience.

Let's Bond is an initiative created in 2011 by a group of young professionals whose goal is to mobilize their community to break the taboos related to mental illness and to talk about the cause in the professional community. The goal of the organizers is to make an impact by helping those who suffer from mental illnesses.

The event was a real success and the foundations raised $1,000,000.

This video by Moetreal is in collaboration with YUL Condominiums.